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If one finds one's center, through meditation or prayer, and becomes aligned with creator and creation all things are possible. This chapter is dedicated to the Chips family.

After much thought I decided to add this chapter because it is too important to ignore. This is about the Inipi aka "Sweat Lodge." for those who want a taste of the "Great Mystery"


Inipi Ceremony

“Inipi” means life force within. Another term is “tunkantatiogganake” which means lodge of the new born and old. And sometimes “tukan tipi” lodge of the stone people. This Inipi Ceremony is spirit given from Woptura in 1836 until now for the people through the Chipps. It is the home of the Thunder Beings and the four nations that live in the west under the dirrection of the creator, God, Wakan Tanka. The Inipi area is their space and we take care of it for them.
Every thought, action, and prayer are under examination here. If Inipi area is kept 100% pure and done in this way, 100% of prayers will be answered. (When the door in the Inipi is shut and it is hot, they, "Helpers of God",are in full force.)
When anyone enters the Inipi area they are smudge with ceder or sweetgrass and are reminded to watch every thought, action, and prayer. Basically they have to walk in consciousness of every breath. Purity is of the utmost importance. All things brought in must follow these guidelines. No moon women, people in the wrong frame of mind, or animals.
The closest we come to spirit in this body is in the Inipi especially if we have sage on the floor, then we are enveloped in sacredness and rub elbows with the tunkasilas.
Inipi is one of the four sacred ceremonies or objects given to humans by the Creator. Canupa, Vision Quest, and Drum are the other three. Life is recreated when water is put on the stones, just as the heat of the sun meets the moisture of earth to form clouds and rain which nourish all life, so the heat of the stones in the lodge combusts with pure water to form rain and clouds to nourish and cleanse internally and externally. The Inipi embodies sacredness and is a necessary purification for other ceremonies, Hanbleciyapi, Yuwipi, and Sundance, etc. This Inipi Ceremony is spirit given from Woptura in 1836 until now for the people through the Chipps. Messing with these ceremonies without humility, utmost purity, and determined focus is dangerous. This is about prayer. Do it right. Help others. Don’t mess with sacredness.



Black Elk mentions Woptura the origional "Chips" in chapter 7 "Wasichus in the Hills"
"The next day some of the people were building a sweat tepee for a medicine man by the name of Chips, who was going to perform a ceremony and had to be purified first.They say he was the first man who made a sacred ornament for our great chief, Crazy Horse." in the book "Black Elk Speaks"


Woptura - Great Grandfather ..Horn Chips & James Moves Camp ........Godfrey Chips...........
Grand father.............

Lame Deer mentions the Chips in the book "Lame Deer - Seeker of Visons"
"One of our greatest Souix holy men was old Chips. Without him, maybe our religion would have died out. During the darkest years he kept his vision alive, worked it for the good of the people. He was a real wicaasa wakan. If he hadn't taught us, there would be no be medicine men left among us now. He did it almost all by himself. Well he passed the power on to his son, Ellis Chips, and he is a good man. But the real power of the old holy man went to his grandson Godfrey."


Eagle Nest Butt with Yogadave and Bhakta Rasa

Sun Dance

This section is dedicated to Lenus Red Feather for reaching out to us, having faith in us, and healing us and our extended family. “Lila Wopila”. A big thank you is in order to him and those who helped pull off this intimate and successful Sun Dance. We are all extremely grateful and realize this will be growing for years to come. I would like to express how this dance affected me and my family and others but words could  not do him justice. ”Red Feather” is a true “Wichasa Wakan” in the highest sense and he took pity on us.




Dave Martin

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