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AUGUST 25, 26, and 27


This will be a great opportunity to experience the power of the Hanthawaddy Yoga System. This camp we will focus on activating the muscles along the back of the spine, how to energize the chakras with prana, and how to develop the flow of energy pathways in the body. Hanthawaddy Yoga has a unique pattern of breath combined with the specific motion of the body as it flows from posture to posture, We will be using 4’ & 6’ staffs, 2 person stretches, and yoga with a rope to prepare the body for the postures and develop the alignment of the spine through the neck, in between the shoulder blades and the lower back

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The Hanthawaddy Yoga Camp will be held in the beautiful lake setting of 17 Upper Penn Point, Oakland, MD. 21550, on Deep Creek Lake. We will have plenty of vegetarian food, cool interacting with nature, great group dynamics, and bonfire by the lake.

There will be a new 30’ x 30’ training pavillon

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This yoga system complements and is part of the Bando Yoga system. Dhanda, Letha, and Longi prepare and develop the alignment of the spine through zones 7, 8,and 9. and the flow of the energy pathways of the body.

Registration will be around 2:00 Friday Sept. 9.and first class will begin around 3:00. Friday is a bonus day. Those who are able to make the Friday evening program can help those who show up on Saturday. Camp will conclude around 1::00 on Sunday to accommodate travel time. Camping is free and all meals are included.

workshop Fee
Pre-registration prior to Aug. 7

$50 for Bando members paid in full. $75 after Aug. 7
$75 for non-members. $100 after Aug. 7

For any or more info call: 240-321-8890 or email
Make checks payable to: David Martin
                                           212 North 12th Street
                                           Oakland, Maryland  21550

17 Upper Penn Point Dr., Oakland, MD. 21550

Affordable Motels are Posted Below the Schedual!

Seminar Schedule

Friday, August 25

2:00 pm         Registration
3:00 pm        Explanation of the Khogan system using 4’ and 6’ Dhanda to
set zones in some of the standing Hanthawaddy postures; How to breathe with the movement of the postures and generate energy.           5:00 pm        Light vegetarian meal
6:30 pm        Seated Longi; seated Hanthawaddy; core breath work and
 Min Zin meditation    
9:00 pm        Rest for the evening, Fire at lake

Saturday,August 26

8:00 am         Short Dhanda meditation walk or spirit of communion form 
8:30 am         Light Breakfast
9:00 am         Seated longi and Dhanda transitioning into seated
Hanththawaddy series.
11:30 am         Discussion and review
12:00 am         Break; snacks
1:00 pm          Partner stretches; more Hanthawaddy postures
3:30 pm          Putting the learned Hanthawaddy postures into the series
4:30 pm          Spirit of communion form 
5:30 pm          Light vegetarian meal
7:00 pm          Letha yoga and/or Min Zin meditation
9:00 pm          Retire for the evening. Fire at lake

Sunday, August 27

7:15 am         Light Breakfast
8:00 am         Short Dhanda meditation walk or spirit of communion form
8:30 am         Hanthawaddy series
9:30 am         Review; posture variations
12:00 pm        Light snack and closing of workshop

1. Personal yoga mat
2. Healthy snack foods (e.g., trail mix); & something to drink
3. Black clothing for Bando practioners
4.  Notebook or notepad. and pen.
5, personal items
5. Warm cloths for evening.
6. Swim suit and a Towel.

For Motels
Boardroom Motel                              Garrett Inn
  12678 Garrett Hw.                             17848 Garrett Hwy  
  Oakland, MD 21550-1160                  Oakland,  MD 21550-7100
  (301) 334-8266                                   (301) 387-6696        
  Long Branch Saloon                           Oak-Mar Restaurant
  1501 Maryland Hwy                            208 N 3rd St  
  Oakland, MD 21550-6354                  Oakland, MD 21550-1326              
  (301) 334-4533                                   (301) 334-3965  
For Camping
1. Bed roll, pillow, blankets, & ground cloth; TENT
2. Bath towels, wash cloths, & toiletries;
3. Insect repellent; swim suit
4. Lantern/flashlight/candles/matches;
of this nature.

1. 30'X30' Training area with gymnastic floor.
2. Vegetarian meals.
3. Handouts
4. Bathroom and showers
5. Use of lake and facilities.
6. Longi or rope, 4' and 6” Dhanda or staff







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