Learn Traditional Yoga

Dhanda is in reference to the staff which has various significance to many spiritual diciplines. Dhanda is the yoga symbol for the human spine through which Prana (vital energy or Chi) flows. According to ancient yogic tradition, there are vital energy centers, Chakras, along the spine.

Hanthawaddy Yoga is composed of 33 main postures, which cover the majority of the movement. There are 63 postures altogether.Each set of postures has a movement in one direction, then returning back to center, & a movement to the complementary opposing direction.

Longi Yoga

Where Dhanda is the lever, Longi is the pulley. With a rope you can incorporate all the muscles along the spine to pull your back straight. Each posture in a series isolates muscles and nerves along the spine sending life out through the extremities. The tension of the rope straightens and strengthens the spine and greatly increases range of motion and flexibility