Deep Creek Yoga

Deep Creek Yoga is moving to Costa Rica. This site will be changing to Hanthawaddy Yoga Center. 

More details coming in September...

Thank you for your patronage over the years and I apologize for any inconvenience.


Teachers Training Program

Learn Koghan Yoga, as it applies to the

Hanthawaddy, Dandha, & Longi Systems.

Instructed by David Martin



Yoga Dave

I have instructed these forms since 1977 at Ohio University, the Krishna temple New Vrindaban in West Virginia, & Big Island Y.W.C.A. in Hilo Hawaii, along with several other locations. It is my goal to propagate the lost Kogan and Hanthawaddy Yoga systems globally, through the complete & comprehensive training program developed over many years of teaching experience.


Wrestling Champion of National Prep

Founder of Upper Yough Whitewater Exp Rafting

Trusted Native American Pipe Carrier

Founder of Deep Creek Yoga.

My passion was discovered at age six, when I'd miraculously healed a major childhood spinal injury through Hatha Yoga forms. Prior, during family trips to India, I became enchanted by their culture and decided to dedicate my life to the practice of yoga. My studies continued at the Transcendental Meditation Center of Ohio University, under instruction of Dr.Maung Gyi (Son of the Grand Master Monk of Burma). After many years of dedicating myself to his teachings Dr. Gyi entrusted the forms of Hanthawaddy yoga exclusively to me.


Marissa A. Stakeley


Longi & Trapeze

Student of

Koghan & Hanthawaddy


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